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UpChuck 50k 2013 Pre Race Report

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I hate throwing up. I first did it when I was sick with the stomach flu as a kid, and large food chunks got lodged in my nose and the stomach acid turned my teeth to chalk sticks. It was so gross and disgusting I vowed I would never, ever do it again. Tequila fooled me into doing it again in college, so I learned not to say never.
Emetophobia is the irrational fear or anxiety of vomiting… I'm not afraid of it; I loath it. So I think I don't have emetophobia. Maybe there's a bunch of ultra runners who have it, maybe not, but puking seems to be a rite of passage for some. And for others it's even glorified.

I'm not sure that's what Chad Wamak (watch the video. don't worry it's clean) had in mind when he and Matt Sims ran the Three Gorges section of the Cumberland Trail, but that's what Rock/Creek has done in naming it's UpChuck 50k Trail Race., being contested this Saturday, November, 9 2013.

Here's their description from their website:

Wild Trails and Rock/Creek present the official UPCHUCK 50K! The event consists of a point-to-point trail that runs entirely on the technically-challenging single track of the Cumberland Trail.

This course has huge climbs and huge descents into Soddy Creek, Possum Creek and Rock Creek. It will, without a doubt, go down in the race log as one of the best 50k courses you will ever do. Please do not attempt this run as your first 50K. This is a serious endeavor and will quite possibly be your slowest 50k to date.

Let us reiterate: this is seriously difficult. It is REQUIRED that runners have completed a 50k within the last 12 months in a time of 7:30:00 or less.

Proceeds benefit Wild Trails, a 501©(3) organization dedicated to the use, expansion and promotion of trails in greater Chattanooga.

Man I wish I could run this. Unfortunately my 8:30 StumpJump time this year leaves me outside the qualifying time.

What follows is a brief report with plots and commentary similar to my StumpJump50k report.

Number Of Finishers

The Upchuck 50k has been contested each year since 2008, with 2009 having the most finishers. Only 5 women finished in 2008 and 2012. Since the numbers are so low for women, I've also provided raw data in table format as they are hard to read from the plot.

groups 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Men 18.00 50.00 37.00 38.00 51.00
Women 5.00 10.00 11.00 6.00 5.00
Total 23.00 60.00 48.00 44.00 56.00

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-3

Finishing Times

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-4

In 2012, more men finished between 6:00 and 6:30 hours than any other half-hour time frame. Compare that to 2012 StumpJump results where more men finished between 6:30 and 7:00 hours.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-5

The above holds true for all years as well, and that's for both races! It has been said that if you've run the StumpJump and you're going to run the UpChuck, then add 30-40 minutes to your StumpJump time for a good estimated finishing time, but I do wonder if that is true. Maybe you should SUBTRACT 30-40 minutes!

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-6

And look at the mens' median values (thick black horizontal bar in the boxes) trending downward! Will we see that trend continue in 2013?

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-7


plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-8

No age data was collected for 2010 finishers.

Age Groups

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-9

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-10

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-11

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-12

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